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Baumgartner case Clarity June 1, 2005

Baumgartner Case Clarity
Wednesday, June 1, 2005, 06:43 AM
Baumgartner Case Clarity

JY writes:

Correct me if I’m wrong: This probation officer gets a bench warrant for Baumgartner for being charged with crimes that have already been dropped. Then he leaves a phony bench warrant in place after preventing her from filing any documents with the court to show them that the charges were in fact dropped. Then once they finally arrest her on the bullshit warrant, the probation officer cites the fact that she runs away from them as the reason to incarcerate her.

Ottawa County is one f##### up place.

Yep. That’s precisely what I’m saying.

Ottawa County Probation Officer Jody Royster knew the charges in Sandusky Municipal Court were dropped in November of 2004. He prevented Baumgartner’s motion to quash from being filed, and the judge ordered that the motion be kept with the Sheriff. (So that means the Sheriff knew about the irregular procedures. The Sheriff also admitted that the warrant was suspect.)

Instead of issuing court summons – Jody Royster immediately revokes Baumgartner’s probation without a hearing. He asks for a bench warrant and the judge gives it to him. Then later, when the fact that the bench warrant was illegal because there was no oath or affirmation charging Baumgartner with an alleged crime – the Judge explains that he is the complaining witness therefore – there doesn’t need to be an affidavit accompanying the bench warrant.

What they’re doing is making the rules up as they go along. If they’re exposed, they change the rules midstream in order to cover their tracks. They’re basically abusing Baumgartner so much – throwing her in jail all the time – until she resists by trying to get away from her abusers – then they cite that as the reason to jail her.

Baumgartner’s final revocation hearing is set today for 1:00 pm at the Ottawa Municipal Courthouse. Although I’m not sure how they can call it a “revocation hearing” because she’s in jail without bond right now. (That means her probation has already been revoked on charges that have already been dropped.)

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