Saturday, November 25, 2006

Your Tax Dollars at Work-

Baumgartner Arrest Update
Saturday, May 21, 2005, 02:32 AM
Your Hard Earned Ohio Tax Dollars At Work
Baumgartner Arrest Update
Long Arm Of Law Finally Arrests Local Government Critic

Bay View -- Elsebeth Baumgartner has officially been “apprehended” by Ohio law enforcement officers.

Led by part time Bay View Police Chief Helen Prozowski, three assisting officers confronted Dr. Baumgartner as she sat in this writer’s 2005 Kia Sportage outside of Terry’s Tavern in Bay View Ohio.

Government Critic Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner and family

The officers were apparently “tipped off” by unknown persons that the most sought after woman in Ottawa County was inside Terry’s Tavern. For those of your who must know: Dr. Baumgartner was enjoying chicken salad and chicken wings.

After dinner, Baumgartner exited Terry’s Tavern while the Editor used the john. When the Editor came out he proceeded to pay his bill, but was cut short by a slightly built blonde headed Bay View Robocop standing in the front doorway of Terry’s holding handcuffs and shouting excitedly: “Who’s Kia Sportage is this?! Who’s Kia Sportage is this?!”

With my wallet in my hand ready to pay the waitress, I said calmly, “It’s mine. I’ll be out in a few seconds.” As if answering a life or death situation, the officer again raised his voice, “No! Get out here NOW!”

I exited the building and asked Bay View Police Chief Helen Prozowski to have a private conversation a few yards away from the vehicle. The other officers swarmed over my vehicle.

As the Chief and I conversed, one of the Bay View officers whipped out an ASP expandable Baton and warned me that she’d break my windows if I didn’t get Baumgartner to exit the vehicle. I looked at Prozowski as if to say, “Why would you let your officer do that? Why would you want her to break my window?” I thought to myself, “If Baumgartner pulls away, you’re just gonna chase her anyway, so why would you damage the vehicle and act like Robocops? It’s not going to change anything…why escalate the already emotionally charged situation with force?”

But the police officer Groupthink took over.

The cop kept motioning that she’d bust the driver’s side window with her ASP, and apparently the thought of being thoroughly abused by the legal system didn’t appeal to Baumgartner so she put the vehicle in drive and left the scene. The Bay View cops – who probably don’t do much more than write occasional speeding tickets in the downtown’s 25 MPH zone – jumped at the chance to have a car pursuit.

Prozowski screamed, “Get her! Get her!” as the cops raced to their cruiser and privately owned vehicle. On went the wailers and the lights. They tore off into the sunset.

I walked back into Terry’s and proceeded to answer questions and make phone calls.


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