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Baumgartner Final Probation Revocation hearing June 1, 2005

Baumgartner Final Revocation Hearing Today
Wednesday, June 1, 2005, 10:01 AM
Baumgartner Final Revocation Hearing Today
Will The Judge Bring Closure To The “Baumgartner Matter”?

Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner faces her final probation revocation hearing today at 1:00 pm at the Ottawa Municipal Courthouse. Many people are confused as to why this woman has been so targeted by the Ohio government. After all, the most terrible “crime” she’s ever been accused of is “falsification” – and that conviction directly related to her criticism of a government agent’s business activities while he held public office.

Will the Ohio Visiting Judge assigned to her case bring the matter to a close, or will he continue to use his legal authority to harass Baumgartner over alleged probation violations that do not even violate Ohio law?

Baumgartner’s legal mess revolved around a conviction on a nonviolent misdemeanor from 2002. She has been unable to earn a living, or return to her home in Ottawa County or live in peace with her family without the impending threat of arrest and incarceration.

To quote the Port Clinton News Herald: “Individuals convicted of crimes have a right to try to get on with their lives once they have paid their penalty.”

We think that if Baumgartner did in fact violate an Ohio law when she stood up and addressed the Port Clinton City Council in 2002, 238 days in felony confinement is enough to teach her to keep her mouth shut and not criticize the government.

We hope that the judge realizes that as a faithful steward of Ohio tax dollars that a continuation of this matter is an absolute waste of tax dollars better spent educating government officials on the Constitution.

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