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Summary of EV Coverage Of Baumgartner Unlawful Arrest May 20, 2005

EV Coverage Of Baumgartner’s Arrest
Sunday, May 29, 2005, 09:46 AM
EV Coverage Of Baumgartner’s Arrest
A Re-cap

Baumgartner arrested!

Super Duper Highly Dangerous Criminal Mastermind Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner was arrested On May 20, 2005 after leading State Highway Patrol Officers into Huron County in an alleged “car chase.” Baumgartner claims that she was only driving to Huron County in order to turn herself in. Her vehicle was stopped just on the other side of the Huron County line on Rt 4. Officers on the scene described Baumgartner as cooperative. They filed no charges against her and stated that her speed wasn’t excessive and that she was very cautious when driving through intersections.

Prior to the “chase” Baumgartner was accosted by Bay View police officers after eating chicken salad with this writer at Terry’s Tavern in Bay View. This writer was hired to chronicle the over the top abuse the Baumgartner family has sustained for the last 4 years as a result of Elsebeth’s Christian advocacy on behalf of the less fortunate.

Even though they’ve been abused, their young daughters have gone on to be successful:

Jackie Baumgartner Graduates Valedictorian At University of Toledo.

As we waste taxpayer dollars prosecuting her mom, beautiful 21-year-old Jackie Baumgartner graduates valedictorian at Toledo’s Pharmacy school.

The Port Clinton News Herald ignored this story.

Since Dr. Baumgartner needed to drive my car to Huron County, I was left in Bay View without a ride. Later that night, I found my way to the Ottawa County Detention Facility in order to get my keys.

Night Falls On Ottawa County Detention Facility.

I was able to get a fairly blurry picture of “criminal mastermind” Elsebeth Baumgartner as she sits in custody in the OCDF. (She has her arms raised in the window)

Nonviolent Alleged Misdemeanant Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner

EV Editor Warned About “Harboring Elsebeth”

Later that evening, Part Time Bay View Police Chief Helen Prosowski pretends to draw some significance from the fact that this writer was eating with Baumgartner in a restaurant in Bay View. “You knew about the warrant, Bryan.”

"Uh, yeah Helen, and I've also seen that so called bench warrant that was issued without oath or affirmation - which is kinda like - "necessary" to make it legal. (And I never met Prosowski before in my life - but she’s calling me by my first name.) Helen, I was also kicked out of the Ottawa County Municipal building for attempting to file a motion to quash that bench warrant - so I know that the entire prosecution is illegal.

“I Drove To Huron County To Get A Fair Hearing”

Baumgartner explains that she’ll be abused by Ottawa County officials if she’s taken back to the Ottawa County’s detainment facility.

Not that we have any proof that the prosecution is vindictive or anything…

Baumgartner ran against Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan in 1996

Woman accused of eluding police – The Sandusky Register’s article on May 21, 2005

Baumgartner Says Jail Conditions Have Improved

…since her last incarceration at the Ottawa County Detention facility. Perhaps while inside she could have discussions with the corrections officers about complex intellectual property concepts.

Or maybe DNA analysis.

Baumgartner Explains The Normal Procedure For Addressing Alleged Probation Violations

…not that we’d suggest any irregularity on procedure here. Besides burning the Constitution and pissing on the ashes, Ottawa County officials have only violated every rule in the book in order to jail this woman.

1. Charge was not issued upon oath or affirmation
2. Bench warrant was used rather than court summons (threat of arrest used to intimidate)
3. Probation conditions are facially unconstitutional
4. The criminal charges used to launch the “bench warrant” were dismissed in November of 2004 – and the Probation Officer knew it – because I told him myself.

EV Editor Denied Visitation With Baumgartner

…because apparently Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton doesn’t want Baumgartner’s story chronicled by someone she hired. The first amendment can be a dangerous thing to authority who don't follow their own rules.

Does Legal Abuse Hurt The Local Economy?

As Baumgartner’s commercial properties in Oak Harbor sit and rot, the Ottawa County government persists in the prosecution of Baumgartner because she criticized them. There ain’t nothing like honesty in local government and the vigorous defense of 1st amendment rights!

Meanwhile, in neighboring Wood County, the Medicine Shoppe (run by Elsebeth's husband Joe, a former BCS school official) has had its corporate assets frozen by the same Visiting Judge who declared Elsebeth a "vexatious litigator," and refused to examine the legality of the bench warrant held over her head to keep her out of Ottawa County.

Baumgartner’s company Cleveland Genomics Ltd owns 165 West Water Street in downtown Oak Harbor. She has been unable to improve the building because authorities in Ottawa County won’t let her back into the County without harassing her.

Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton Loses Political Mind

…and begins saying outlandish comments in the Port Clinton News Herald:

"I'm glad we've got this woman.” "She's been thumbing her nose at the criminal justice system and it's time she goes to jail right where she belongs."

"It doesn't matter if that was a good warrant or a bad warrant.”

"What she did tonight created all types of new charges," Bratton said. "It doesn't matter if that was a good warrant or a bad warrant. What she did tonight endangered the lives of law enforcement and citizens on the street.”

"I don't just single her out.”

Three days later, State Highway Patrolman Sgt. Myer stated that Baumgartner’s driving was very controlled and that her speed did not exceed 70 miles per hour (on the highway). Another officer on the scene stated that Baumgartner was very "controlled" when going through intersections, almost coming to a complete stop before passing through. (Bratton must be a nut!)

Port Clinton News Herald May 21, 2005: “BAUMGARTNER CAPTURED!”

Ottawa County Officials hold law school valedictorian on alleged nonviolent misdemeanor probation violations…without bond.

Braun To Act As Special Prosecutor?

Assistant Lucas County Prosecutor Tim Braun is still acting as a special prosecutor in Baumgartner’s case. Braun is accused of publishing defamatory comments about Baumgartner on Erie Voices – which would clearly indicate that this prosecution is vindictive and retaliatory in nature.

Murray’s “Legal Hero” John Vogel To Represent Elsebeth Baumgartner.

Could it be? Franklin County Legal Hero John Vogel will represent Elsebeth Baumgartner? Vogel was recently released from jail after refusing to follow a judge’s order that directly violated the 6th amendment of the Constitution. Vogel understands that you can’t be legitimately punished for refusing to follow an illegal order – so he struck by his principles. (Part Time Bay View Police Chief Helen Prosowski could take a few lessons from Vogel on the difference between legal and illegal orders. Many cops don’t know the difference – they follow blindly even while breaking the law themselves.)

…Even if it’s illegal, right Chief Prosowski?

PC News Herald Reports That Vogel May Represent Baumgartner

PC News Herald writer Dan Dearth uses “reverse reporting” tactic in article about Attorney Vogel:

In reference to jail time Vogel served because he chose to stick up for the US Constitution, Dearth writes: “Vogel was not disbarred for the incident.” (Then why report it, Dan?)

Bay View Police Chief: No Vehicle Until You Give Us A Statement.

Part Time Bay View Police Chief Helen Prosowski refuses to help this writer get his vehicle out of impound unless he makes a statement against “dangerous criminal” Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner.

Toledo Blade Gets It All Wrong.

The Toledo Blade wins EV false reporting award by publishing this article that contains100% false information. The Blade reports that Baumgartner received a bond. (No she didn’t) and that she had a court hearing the next day (no she didn’t) and she was charged with a crime for eluding (at that time, no she hadn’t.)

Baumgartner Hearing Set For Wednesday .

Baumgartner Files Grievances Against Ottawa Detention Center.

Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton struggles with his effeminate nature, as he can’t seem to get Elsebeth Baumgartner under control.

Don’t try to control her Bob, listen to her.

She can teach you about standing up for the right thing instead of cowering to dishonorable people who act out of self-interest instead of respecting the rights of others and following the law.

Even though a good rule to follow with public statements is “don’t comment on something you have no first hand knowledge of” Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton talks about things he has no first hand knowledge of.

Ottawa County sheriff Bob Bratton is a...

Mind Reading Sheriff.

Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton

The Most Important Question:

Was the warrant issued for Elsebeth Baumgartner a legitimate warrant issued upon oath or affirmation?

Survey Says: No.

The proof of which is that Ottawa County Probation Officer Jody Royster didn’t serve Baumgartner with his homework (a sworn affidavit due before issuing a warrant – not 8 days after she’s in custody) Of course it doesn’t matter – according to Baumgartner, the affidavit is replete with false information and the charges used to issue the warrant have already been dismissed as reported in the Sandusky Register in November of 2004.

Baumgartner Refused Bond.

Ohio Visiting Judge John Adkins says: “You may not be free until you admit that you violated your unconstitutional probation conditions!”

“Well, what did I do wrong?”

“We’ll tell you that after you admit violating probation!”

Raw Judicial Power And Arrogance.

Adkins gets into pissing match with law school valedictorian disbarred attorney Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner.

Baumgartner Held On No Bond

Ohio Visiting Judge: Baumgartner Is A “Flight Risk”.

An Ohio Visiting Judge calls the nonviolent mother of two a “flight risk” – unless of course she admits to alleged probation violations she hasn’t been served with.

EX-BCS Superintendent Charles Burns Admits That Baumgartner Arrest Tape Shown At Party.

Charles Burns is quoted in the Port Clinton News Herald admitting that a videotape of Baumgartner’s September 2003 arrest was shown at his house during a party. "Let me tell you, I don't think it came from the sheriff's department," Burns says. "No one from the sheriff's department ever gave me anything."

Uh oh!

Doesn’t that mean that the tape must’ve come from Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan’s office? Was attorney Burns doing “legal research” at the party or using the arrest tape as a means of amusement?

(Mulligan has since indicted this writer for “intimidating” Burns. That story can be found here.)

Don’t complain to me if you’re ever held in custody without charge for 8 days, and refused bond – unless you stick up for this law school valedictorian right here.

Where Is The Outrage?

Final Revocation Hearing Set For Baumgartner

Is Ottawa County Probation Officer Guilty Of Sham Legal Process?

We think so – but what are the chances of an Ottawa County official being held accountable for breaking the law? A snowball has a better chance in hell…

Fremont Doctor Barred From Visiting Baumgartner.

Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton says, “I didn’t ban [the psychologist] – but you ain’t getting into the facility. You was harborin’ a fugitive!”

“Fugitive Harborer” EV Editor Bryan DuBois accompanied by Super Hero son “Buzz Lightyear”

No Ottawa Municipal Records For Baumgartner

Baumgartner has been unable to retrieve records from the Ottawa Municipal Courthouse. Her public records request necessary in order to defend herself "might" be filled on Tuesday.

Baumgartner’s “Final Probation Revocation” hearing is set for Wednesday May 30, 2005 at 1:00 pm at the Ottawa Municipal building.

Please attend to show your support, lest the judge think he can get away with abusing citizens because he thinks that the community does not support her.

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