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Ottawa County officials Enage in Sham Legal Process?

Is Ottawa County Probation Officer Guilty Of Sham Legal Process?
Friday, May 27, 2005, 10:13 PM
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Is Ottawa County Probation Officer Guilty Of Sham Legal Process?
Jody Royster Has Failed To Provide Affidavit In Support Of His Charges On Three Separate Occasions

Ottawa County – Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner reports that Ottawa County Probation Officer Jody Royster has “served” her with an affidavit in support of his allegations that resulted in a bench warrant issued for her arrest over two years ago.

The affidavit was not present at the time of her arrest but according to Baumgartner, is now being provided 7 days after she has been in custody. Royster’s affidavit alleges that Baumgartner violated her probation by being charged with crimes that were dismissed over six months ago.

Baumgartner is being held without bond.

Baumgartner was wanted by Ottawa County officials for allegedly violating probation that stemmed from a nonviolent misdemeanor conviction of falsification.

Private citizen Joe Fratoe, a personal friend and business associate of Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter originally charged her with falsification after she spoke out against a sweetheart deal between the Prosecutor’s private boat business and the City of Port Clinton. “[Baxter] violated ORC 2921.42 because he owned 31% of Island Express and they were seeking a public contract. That’s illegal in Ohio because Kevin Baxter is a public official.”

Baumgartner was accused of illegally entering the Erie County Courthouse in January of 2004 during the theft trial of Sanduskian Krista Harris.

Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner ran against Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan in 1994

“Royster is now admitting that an affidavit is necessary in order to file charges against somebody” Baumgartner stated. “[Royster’s] done this 3 times already – even though this is basic procedure.” Baumgartner said from her cell on Friday.

Records show that during an incident in November Baumgartner’s assistant and husband were physically removed from the Ottawa County Municipal building while they were trying to file a motion to quash the illegally obtained bench warrant.

Records show that when the assistant notified Royster that the charges in Sandusky were dropped, he responded, “We don’t know this. You're not at attorney.” The Assistant answered, “What's that got to do with anything? I’ve got [the dismissal] right here and they won’t take it from me!”

Royster then forced Baumgartner’s assistant from the building.

Records show that on December 7, 2004 Ohio Visiting Judge John Adkins entered an order in Baumgartner’s criminal case (02 CRB 025) stating that Baumgartner’s motion to quash would not be filed with the clerk but kept in “safe keeping” with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s office.


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