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Ottawa County Officials Deny Records and Doctor Visitation

No Ottawa Municipal Records For Baumgartner
Saturday, May 28, 2005, 05:43 PM
No Ottawa Municipal Records For Baumgartner
“How Can I Defend Myself?” Baumgartner says from her cell Friday

Ottawa County – Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner enters her 8th day of incarceration in the Ottawa County Detention Center on alleged nonviolent misdemeanor probation violations.

An Ohio Visiting Judge classified Baumgartner as a “flight risk” unless she pled guilty to unspecified charges.

Baumgartner faces her final probation revocation hearing on Wednesday May 30, 2001. She claims that she has no access to legal documents from jail and that she was denied bond on purpose so that she couldn’t defend herself. “I had an assistant submit a request for my records at the Ottawa Municipal building but apparently the gals were busy with something else. They told him to come back on Tuesday and that the request “might” be filled by then.”

Baumgartner claims she could do the legal work herself if granted a bond.

The same Ohio Visiting Judge says no. “She’s a flight risk.” Ohio Visiting Judge John Adkins said after a plea deal fell through wherein Baumgartner would be released if she pled guilty to violating charges that had not been served. “I’m not going to plead guilty when I don’t even know what they’re charging me with.” Baumgartner stated from her jail cell.

Records show that Adkins called Dr. Baumgartner a “purveyor of hate and cynicism” before sentencing her to 180 days in jail on a nonviolent misdemeanor in April of 2003. At the sentencing, Adkins intoned that Baumgartner was a “failure at all she has attempted.”

The 1994 Toledo Law School Valedictorian disagrees. “I’ve got two beautiful girls – one of them just graduated Valedictorian at UT’s Pharmacy School - so despite this legal mess I've been blessed beyond belief."

Baumgartner stated that her records requests from the Ottawa Municipal building were being stonewalled on purpose and that the outcome of the revocation hearing had a pre-determined outcome. “Adkins already knows what he’s going to do…we’ll find out Wednesday.”

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Fremont Doctor Barred From Visiting Baumgartner
Saturday, May 28, 2005, 01:42 PM
Ottawa Detention Real Time Reporting
Fremont Doctor Barred From Visiting Baumgartner

A Fremont based psychologist has been barred from visiting Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner while she’s incarcerated on alleged nonviolent misdemeanor probation violations.

Baumgartner is being held without bond in the Ottawa County Detention Facility for allegedly walking into the Erie County Courthouse in 2002 against a judicial order.

Although Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton claims that the psychologist is not “barred” Bratton did not specify what stipulations were attached to her visitation if any.

A spokesman from the Huron County Jail said that under normal circumstances, medical attention is given through the jail’s medical doctor or psychologist but said that there shouldn’t be any stipulations attached to a doctor’s visit during regular visitation hours.

When asked if this writer would be able to visit during regular visitation hours Bratton replied, “I’m not Emahiser, you can sue me all you want. No, you ain’t getting’ into the facility. You was running with a fugitive.”

Bratton refused to comment further on Baumgartner’s case.

From her cell in the Ottawa County Detention Facility Baumgartner characterized her incarceration as “an absolute waste of tax resources,” and that Bratton and Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan are on a “witch hunt” because of her outspoken criticism of them.

“Whoever heard of being in jail with no bond on a an alleged nonviolent misdemeanor? I’m in here for walking into a courthouse for God’s sake!”

Baumgartner claims that Bratton and Mulligan have conspired to violate her rights and abuse her. “Bratton is talking about my medical care in the newspaper – he’s trying to dehumanize me. He’s trying to make me sound crazy because I’ve been critical of him and that’s the only way he can discredit my claims.”

"I'm glad we've got this woman," Bratton said. "She's been thumbing her nose at the criminal justice system and it's time she goes to jail right where she belongs." -- Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton quoted in the Port Clinton News Herald May 21, 2005

In response to Baumgartner's specific grievances about law enforcement in Ottawa County, Bratton explained in the Port Clinton News Herald: "There's nothing to support anything she's saying, It's her own way of supporting in her own mind that she's out there to take on the world."

Baumgartner became a Pharmacist in 1978 with her husband Joe who served 12 years on the Benton Carroll Salem School Board.

Baumgartner claims that by her advocacy for certain politically unpopular groups in Ottawa and Erie County she was retaliated against by Erie and Ottawa Politicians who have been using their power to benefit themselves and other at the expense of taxpayers. She also claims that Bratton has lied to the Newspapers to discredit her.

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