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White Males Walk while Abused Women Suffer?

Legal Hit Job On EV Editor Fails
Wednesday, June 8, 2005, 08:12 AM
Legal Hit Job On EV Editor Fails; Erie County Prosecutor Should’ve Learned When Charges Were Dismissed At Municipal Level

Man cleared of felony charges by grand jury
An Erie County grand jury returned no bills of indictment last week against a Sandusky man charged by Sandusky police in January following a domestic dispute, according to documents released by the Erie County Prosecutor's office Tuesday.

Bryan DuBois, of Ging Street, was charged with disrupting public service, a fourth-degree felony, and a misdemeanor count of domestic violence. The charges stemmed from a woman's report that DuBois tackled her and tried to prevent her from calling 911, according to Sandusky police.

Cuyahoga County Assistant Prosecutor Dan Kasaris was assigned to present DuBois' case to the grand jury, according to Erie County Common Pleas Court records.

The Erie County Prosecutor will never learn. He will continue to use his office to selectively prosecute his critics in order to cover the fact that he’s the one breaks the law.

Funny that I go from model citizen to “criminal” when I start writing about the Erie and Ottawa County Prosecutors.

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Abused Ham Sandwich Indicted For Grand Theft Auto Of Her Own Company Vehicle; Another Arrest Warrant Issued
Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 10:05 PM
Abused Ham Sandwich Indicted For Grand Theft Auto Of Her Own Company Vehicle; Another Arrest Warrant Issued

Baumgartner indicted in chase case

Staff writer
SANDUSKY -- Elsebeth Baumgartner has been charged with stealing the car authorities said she used to elude officers during a chase May 20 through two counties.
She’s been charged with stealing her own company vehicle in order to drive to Huron County to get a Crim 4.1 hearing. Baumgartner explains in very simple terms that she did so in order to be treated fairly by a County court system (Huron County). Turns out this “crazy lady” ended up being right: She was held in Ottawa County for 12 days without bond.
See this post for complete coverage of her arrest.
‘Course she was also right about why we shouldn’t have done business with Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter’s private ferry boat company. They obtained a half million dollar federal grant and promptly went belly up.

According to Baumgartner, the arresting Ohio State Highway Patrol Officer told her that he was not transporting her to Huron County jail – which would be normal procedure because that’s where she was arrested – but that she was being transferred to Erie County because that’s where she “eluded” police. OSHP stressed that the Bay View Police would be the charging authority since OSHP didn’t witness Baumgartner committing any crimes. Sgt Tony Meyer transported Baumgartner from Huron County back to Bay View after Bay View police represented to OSHP that Baumgartner would charged with “felony eluding” that night.
Upon delivery to the Bay View Police Station, Baumgartner was not charged, and Bay View Police Chief Helen Prosowski allowed Ottawa County officials to pick her up in Bay View in order to jail her in Ottawa County. By lying to OSHP and withholding the felony charge that night (Baumgartner was never served with the felony charge even though it was allegedly sworn to on May 20, 2005) Prosowski bypassed Baumgartner’s Crim 4.1 Probable cause hearing. Had Baumgartner been granted that hearing mandated by law – she would’ve exposed the fact that the underlying bench warrant used to arrest her was bogus. All of this is laid out in Baumgartner’s motion to dismiss submitted to Sandusky Municipal Court – but that court was suddenly divested because Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter quickly arranged to have Baumgartner indicted at the County level even though she had already been charged at the Municipal level. (Which is perfectly legal of course – but as we said – the prosecutor’s have unusual interest because this is a political prosecution. All of this is contrary to good government and the proper use of the criminal justice system.)
An Erie County grand jury returned an indictment Monday against Baumgartner, charging her with one count each of fleeing and eluding, a third-degree felony; grand theft auto, a fourth-degree felony; failure to comply, a first-degree misdemeanor and resisting arrest, a second-degree misdemeanor, said Dan Kasaris, assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor and special prosecutor for the case.
Kasaris said the court issued a warrant for her arrest.
As opposed to issuing court summons.
Why would Erie County officials waste more tax resources by issuing a warrant? Because Erie County officials don’t give a damn about your tax dollars, that’s why. They want to harass this woman and hurt this woman, and destroy this woman over her outspokenness on how Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter is abusing our tax dollars. This man’s company still owes us over $100,000 in back taxes – but he doesn’t think twice about vindictively prosecuting people who remind the taxpayers of that fact.
If convicted, she faces up to six years and six months in prison, Kasaris said.
Baumgartner is charged with taking Sandusky resident Bryan DuBois' 2005 Kia Sportage May 20 at Terry's Tavern in Bay View, where she and DuBois were having dinner.
She’s charged with taking a car from a writer who was hired to write her book about how she’s been abused by the legal system for blowing the whistle on the Erie County Prosecutor.
Ironic isn’t it?
She was waiting in the car while DuBois, who is one of her supporters, was in the restroom, DuBois said last month. She drove away when Bay View Police Chief Helen Prosowski tried to arrest her on a warrant from Ottawa County Municipal Court for a probation violation, Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton said last month.
Bay View police, the Sandusky post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol and an Erie County Sheriff's deputy followed her from the tavern through Erie County and into Huron County. They used stop sticks, devices that puncture tires, to end the chase near Norwalk.
No word when plain clothes Bay View Police Captain Jim Lochotski and his privately owned vehicle fell out of the chase. According to Prosowski, Jim’s car doesn’t run very well and she laughed at my assertion that he tore out of the parking lot after Baumgartner. (In other words, she's now admitting that a privately owned vehicle was used to chase Baumgartner even though she inititally denied that claim in the Port Clinton News Herald.) I wonder what else Chief Prosowski is lying about.
According to Baumgartner, while she sat in custody, Captain Jim went through Baumgartner’s purse to retrieve her driver’s license. When Baumgartner questioned him about it, Jim claimed that it was okay because “we don’t steal things around here.” Baumgartner retorted: “Your last police chief was just fired for something like that if I’m not mistaken.”
Baumgartner admitted last week in Ottawa County Municipal Court to violating her probation from a 2003 falsification conviction. She left Ohio without permission and failed to notify her probation officer of her new address and phone number.
Wow. Let’s chase her across country for this wildly dangerous crime.
Let’s not forget that the underlying “crime” that began her probation was criticizing Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter and his business involvement with Island Express Boat Lines – the company that managed to obtain a public contract with the City of Port Clinton and a $500,000 federal grant, and legal fees paid by Erie County taxpayers, all while he used his office to conduct that personal business while allegedly screwing witnesses who testified during murder trials.
Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter: Oh no you don’t – let’s stay focused on how she broke the law. She broke the law by blowing the whistle on me. I’m the victim here! You are not allowed to criticize me! I will call it paper terrorism and I will have you charged with 81 criminal charges!
Kevin Baxter doesn’t just use his office to enrich himself at the public trough. He also uses his office to prosecute people who complain about it.
Visiting Judge John Adkins of Circleville put Baumgartner back on probation for the remaining 118 days in her term.
Ohio is the heart of it all.

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