Saturday, November 25, 2006

Toledo Blade jealous that Baumgartner First ID Pay To Play in June 2001?

Toledo Blade Gets It All Wrong
Monday, May 23, 2005, 02:55 PM
Main Stream Media Smear With Authorless Article?
Toledo Blade Gets It All Wrong

Blade Employs Lucas County Prosecutor Julia Bates' daughter Kim Bates and son in law Dale Emch.

Assistant Lucas County Prosecutor Tim Braun Prosecuted Baumgartner on Falsification Charge and obtained interstate felony warrant that was later dismissed. See Baumgartner’s chronology for more information

Baumgartner family

Officers chase, nab disbarred attorney
Baumgartner has court date today
PORT CLINTON - A former Oak Harbor attorney who was arrested after driving away from police Friday night is to appear in Ottawa County Municipal Court today on a probation violation.

She has a court date? Wow. Where does the Blade get this information? Thin air?

Click on the above link to see how media back government tyranny is enabled. The Blade’s article is a perfectly crafted media smear…and low and behold! It doesn’t list an author!

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