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Chief Prosowski-When Will You Stop Trading Sex for Favors with Female Inmates and Inquire Into Rights Violations

Back on May 22, 2005, BayView Police Chief and Sandusky Police Detective Helen Prosowski assured former Erie Voices Editor Bryan DuBois that if civil rights were violated in the Baumgartner case there would be an investigation.

Fast forward to June 1 2006 and a closed hearing in State v Baumgartner. During that closed hearing Elsebeth Baumgartner raised the issue on the record that Special prosecutor Dan Kasaris had been involved in giving a deal to former Erie County Commissioner Harold Butcher wherein he was able to plead to a misdemeanor of the first degree and receive thirty days house arrest for terrorizing a 14 year old black girl for sex back in 2001.

Baumgartner asserted that the Butcher case was yet another example of the protection of sex crimes by the politically connected and that this entire prosecution was retaliation for her exposing these crimes. Retired Visiting Judge Richard Knepper found Baumgartner in contempt of court for reporting the appearance of misconduct and jailed her for 45 days AFTER HE REFUSED TO CONDUCT THE MANDATORY SUPPRESSION HEARING INTO THE NATURE OF THE BAD WARRANT. (See Transcript posted at

Unbeknown to Baumgartner at the time, Prosowski was knee deep in protecting sex crimes by the connected including her own. Within three weeks, Prosowski would argue for probation for Sandusky Police Officer James Fitzpatrick who allegedly raped a 15 year old girl repeatedly including while hand cuffed in a Sandusky COPS location. Prosowksi along with drug task force side kick Det. Mark Volz under investigated the Fitzpatrick matter. Fitzpatrick also rated a special prosecutor (Dean Holman) and retired visiting judge (Ronald Bowman) both arranged by Judge Roger Binette (former drug task force prosecutor) who allowed Fitzpatrick to plead to a Bill of Information for four counts sexual misconduct with a minor and placed him on a Recognizance bond pending sentencing before discovering he had conflicts of interest in the case and excused himself. Retired Visiting Judge Bowman then gave Fitzpatrick 3 years in prison on each of 4 counts to be served together with the potential of early release (See Video posted at

Corrections Officers and family members confirm that Chief Helen Prosowski allegedly runs interference with Erie County Drug Task Force for her sometime lover Denise Baker. Prosowski is also allegedly involved in fabricating a case against Elizabeth Ohlemacher AKA Ambos yet another Kevin Baxter ex lover in order that her reports of his alleged involvement in corrupt activity would be discredited.

Investigate rights violations? Hardly. Below follows the story as published on on May 22, 2005.

"If the law was broken..."
Sunday, May 22, 2005, 10:40 P?M
Vindictive Prosecution?
Bay View Police Chief: “If the law was broken or rights were violated, that needs to be looked into”<
“We have to be able to rely on what we’re told.” Bay View Police Chief Helen Prosowski said late Sunday afternoon upon questioning the legitimacy of the bench warrant used to arrest government critic Elsebeth Baumgartner Friday night. Prososwski stressed that her department followed the law during the arrest of Baumgartner at Terry’s Tavern in Bay View.

As quoted in the Port Clinton News Herald, Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton claimed that “it doesn’t matter if that bench warrant was good or bad” because Baumgartner had caused “all sorts of new charges [against her when she fled]” Prosowski stated that Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton “must’ve been misquoted” when he made that statement. “I mean, we don’t go around serving bad warrants.”

Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton

Bratton was also quoted as saying, “";I'm glad we've got this woman…She's been thumbing her nose at the criminal justice system and it's time she goes to jail right where she belongs."

Baumgartner asserts that a bench warrant used to arrest her on was illegal because the charges were not sworn out as required by Ohio law and that the arrest in Erie County that triggered the bench warrant is moot because the misdemeanor charges filed in Sandusky Municipal Court have been dismissed. Records show that the charges were dismissed in November of 2004 by Sandusky Municipal Judge Erich O’Brien.

Ohio Visiting Judge John Adkins was assigned by Ohio Chief Justice Tom Moyer to hear Baumgartner’s “falsification” trial in 2002. The falsification charge stemmed from statements Baumgartner had made in her capacity as an attorney at law in a public meeting. Baumgartner asserted that Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter had raped her client and that he was in violation of ORC 2921.42 by owning 31% of a company that sought a public contract. Records show that Kevin Baxter owned 31% of Island Express Boat Lines.

Records show that Baumgartner has served 234 days in incarceration from charges that stem from her original misdemeanor conviction of falsification. “[Ohio Visiting Judge] Adkins has been stopping me from defending myself.” Baumgartner claimed. Court records show that Adkins denied Baumgartner the ability to file a “motion to quash” and ordered that the motion be “kept in safe keeping” at the Ottawa County Sheriff’s office.

The bench warrant used to arrest Baumgartner has not yet been obtained.

Phone calls to Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton were not returned.

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