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Friday, May 20, 2005, 11:17 PM
Bay View Police Officers React Like Nazi Robocops After Accosting Ottawa County Mother Of Two On Alleged Nonviolent Misdemeanor Probation Violations

Elsebeth Baumgartner has been arrested in Erie County.

"Tell her to open this door or I'm gonna break your window! Tell her! I'm gonna break your window!" an adrenalin pumped female cop screamed at the EV Editor. The female officer raised an expandable baton over her head as she threatened to shatter the driver's side window of the Editor's Kia Sportage outside of Terry's Tavern in Bay View.

Baumgartner puts car in gear and drives off.

Dust and stones flew as a male police officer tore off in pursuit of Baumgartner in his privately owned vehicle.

"GET HER! GET HER!" screams part time Bay View Police Chief Helen Prozowski.


Your Tax Dollars at Work-

Baumgartner Arrest Update
Saturday, May 21, 2005, 02:32 AM
Your Hard Earned Ohio Tax Dollars At Work
Baumgartner Arrest Update
Long Arm Of Law Finally Arrests Local Government Critic

Bay View -- Elsebeth Baumgartner has officially been “apprehended” by Ohio law enforcement officers.

Led by part time Bay View Police Chief Helen Prozowski, three assisting officers confronted Dr. Baumgartner as she sat in this writer’s 2005 Kia Sportage outside of Terry’s Tavern in Bay View Ohio.

Government Critic Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner and family

The officers were apparently “tipped off” by unknown persons that the most sought after woman in Ottawa County was inside Terry’s Tavern. For those of your who must know: Dr. Baumgartner was enjoying chicken salad and chicken wings.

After dinner, Baumgartner exited Terry’s Tavern while the Editor used the john. When the Editor came out he proceeded to pay his bill, but was cut short by a slightly built blonde headed Bay View Robocop standing in the front doorway of Terry’s holding handcuffs and shouting excitedly: “Who’s Kia Sportage is this?! Who’s Kia Sportage is this?!”

With my wallet in my hand ready to pay the waitress, I said calmly, “It’s mine. I’ll be out in a few seconds.” As if answering a life or death situation, the officer again raised his voice, “No! Get out here NOW!”

I exited the building and asked Bay View Police Chief Helen Prozowski to have a private conversation a few yards away from the vehicle. The other officers swarmed over my vehicle.

As the Chief and I conversed, one of the Bay View officers whipped out an ASP expandable Baton and warned me that she’d break my windows if I didn’t get Baumgartner to exit the vehicle. I looked at Prozowski as if to say, “Why would you let your officer do that? Why would you want her to break my window?” I thought to myself, “If Baumgartner pulls away, you’re just gonna chase her anyway, so why would you damage the vehicle and act like Robocops? It’s not going to change anything…why escalate the already emotionally charged situation with force?”

But the police officer Groupthink took over.

The cop kept motioning that she’d bust the driver’s side window with her ASP, and apparently the thought of being thoroughly abused by the legal system didn’t appeal to Baumgartner so she put the vehicle in drive and left the scene. The Bay View cops – who probably don’t do much more than write occasional speeding tickets in the downtown’s 25 MPH zone – jumped at the chance to have a car pursuit.

Prozowski screamed, “Get her! Get her!” as the cops raced to their cruiser and privately owned vehicle. On went the wailers and the lights. They tore off into the sunset.

I walked back into Terry’s and proceeded to answer questions and make phone calls.


Summary of Elsebeth Baumgartner Arrest for an Alleged Probation Violation on Non-Violent Misdemeanor

Does Legal Abuse Hurt The Local Economy?
Saturday, May 21, 2005, 06:06 PM
EV Critical Thought
Does Legal Abuse Hurt The Local Economy?

“I’d love to get back into Oak Harbor and get those businesses moving. I want to start building things again…”

--Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner May 3, 2005

As Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan and Ohio Visiting Judge John Adkins continue to abuse her through the legal system in order to prevent her from returning home to restart her businesses, Cleveland Genomics Ltd’s buildings decay in downtown Oak Harbor. (Baumgartner is general manager of CGL)

Oak Harbor officials placed yellow tape around the sidewalk in front of the Village Mercantile at 165 West Water in order to protect passersby from falling glass after vandals threw rocks through the window.

Village Mercantile Building 165 West Water

And second story windows are broken out from suspected vandalism:

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EV Editor Denied Visitation With Baumgartner
Saturday, May 21, 2005, 05:02 PM
Real Time Detention Center Blogging
EV Editor Denied Visitation With Baumgartner

EV Editor Bryan DuBois was denied visitation with Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner at the Ottawa County Detention Facility when he arrived to visit Baumgartner during the posted Saturday visitation hours of 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Baumgartner is behind held on alleged nonviolent misdemeanor probation violations that resulted from a “falsification” conviction in 2002. Baumgartner has called the continued drive to incarcerate her an "absolute waste of taxpayer dollars."

Prisoners are allowed to visit for 20 minute time periods with visitors through safety glass.

DuBois was warned by two Ottawa County Corrections Officers in the lobby of the Detention Facility that the order barring DuBois’ visitation was handed down by Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton because criminal charges were being considered against DuBois for “harboring a fugitive.”

DuBois was advised to leave the premises and not return unless given personal permission by Sheriff Bratton.

“Of course Bob isn't going to call me back because they don’t want me over there. The thought of ‘Real Time Detention Center Blogging’ scares them,” DuBois said shortly after returning to his home in Sandusky. “What’s next? A raid on my house to steal my computer? I guess these guys really are fascists.”

Phone calls to Bob Bratton were not returned by the time of this writing.

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Baumgartner Explains The Normal Procedure For Addressing Alleged Probation Violations
Saturday, May 21, 2005, 01:07 PM
Real Time Detention Center Blogging
Baumgartner Explains The Normal Procedure For Addressing Alleged Probation Violations

From the Ottawa County Detention Facility, Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner explains the normal procedure used for addressing alleged probation violations:

“Normally a bench warrant is not issued for the arrest of someone alleged to have violated probation terms with nonviolent misdemeanors. The correct procedure, and one that would indicate responsible stewardship of public tax money (you always want to use the least expensive means necessary) is to issue summons for the alleged offender to appear in court.”

“In my case, you’ll notice that the [Ohio Visiting] Judge went directly to a bench warrant that was touted by both the Sheriff and Prosecutor as powerful enough to go interstate – when in fact, had Ottawa County officials gone interstate with the warrant they would’ve been laughed at by the arresting authority just like I’m sure certain members of the Ohio Highway Patrol are rolling their eyes at Bratton and Mulligan right now.”

“You can understand why rank and file cops can’t stand judges and lawyers because the judges and lawyers aren’t the ones who have to risk their lives in car pursuits of people when it’s not really necessary. Think about how many resources they’ve expended on going after me when all they really have to do is summons me to court. The reason I don’t want to be in custody is because once they get me in custody they don’t grant me a hearing.”

“Further, the court doesn't have the authority to revoke somebody’s probation on an allegation alone. The judge must first hold a hearing. If Adkins simply summoned me to court for a hearing, I’d show up. The point here is that Adkins has no intention of ever granting me a hearing because he knows that the alleged charges are shams.”

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Baumgartner Says Jail Conditions Have Improved
Saturday, May 21, 2005, 12:52 PM
Real Time Detention Center Blogging
Baumgartner Says Jail Conditions Have Improved
Elsebeth Baumgartner says that Ottawa County Detention Facility conditions have improved since her last vindictive incarceration. When asked if the improvements could be attributed to newly elected Sheriff Bob Bratton, Baumgartner said, “Ah, I’m not gonna give Bob credit for that one just yet. For one thing – I’m pretty pissed that he knows that the Ottawa Municipal Clerk was rejecting my filings and that this whole thing is a sham and he doesn’t have the balls to stick up to Mark Mulligan.”

Baumgartner poked fun of the fact that she first got interested in the legal system when she was called as an expert witness on the interpretation of drug use symptoms in drug users during a drunk driving trial in Ottawa County in the early 90’s.

“But as soon as I started talking about how Mark Mulligan and Kevin Baxter had substance abuse problems, and the fact that Krista Harris claimed that Kevin Baxter coerced her into sex with the threat of false criminal charges, my expert witness days went right out the window.”

“Now suddenly I’m not ‘credible.” She laughed.

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Baumgartner Issues Tax Payer Advocacy Statement
Saturday, May 21, 2005, 12:38 PM
Real Time Detention Center Blogging
Baumgartner Issues Tax Payer Advocacy Statement

“Bryan, put a link back to the Burns expose because I want taxpayers to know that the reason these government lawyers and judges want me in custody is so that I tell the taxpayers how they’re bilking and stealing tax dollars.”

No problem Else.

A few weeks back Elsebeth walked me through this analysis of how Ex-BCS Superintendent Charles Burns used cronyism and deception to steal from the BCS taxpayers in 1999 and 2000. This same type of analysis was given to Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan but Mulligan ignored it while using the legal system to harass Baumgarnter which eventually drove her from Ottawa County.

“I want Ottawa County taxpayers to understand that Ottawa County is using their tax dollars to shut me up so that I can’t show them how the government is stealing from them.”

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Woman accused of eluding police
Saturday, May 21, 2005, 10:55 AM

Woman accused of eluding police
From staff reports
SANDUSKY - A woman is accused of leading Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers on a chase in two counties after Bay View Police attempted to serve her with a warrant Friday evening at a restaurant.

A spokeswoman for the Sandusky Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol confirmed the woman's name is Elsebeth Baumgartner.

The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office received a tip that Baumgartner was at a Bay View restaurant, according to a police spokeswoman.

Bay View Police located Baumgartner in the parking lot of the restaurant, but she fled, according to the OCSO.

The Erie County Sheriff's Office and Sandusky and Norwalk posts of the Ohio State Highway Patrol were involved in the pursuit, according to the OCSO.

Baumgartner was wanted on a warrant regarding a probation violation and failing to comply with an order of the Ottawa County Municipal Court, according to a jail spokeswoman.

Baumgartner was in jail on no bond, according to the jail spokeswoman.

Baumgartner's age and address were not available Friday, according to a jail spokeswoman.

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“I Drove To Huron County To Get A Hearing”
Saturday, May 21, 2005, 10:54 AM
Baumgartner Reports From Ottawa County Detention Facility:
“I Drove To Huron County To Get A Hearing”

Baumgartner reports from the Ottawa County Detention Facility that driving to the Huron County line last night during a car pursuit was a necessary legal strategy in order to get a hearing on the alleged probation violations. She alleges to have been held in the Ottawa County Detention Facility for over 75 days without a hearing. The bench warrant used to confront her at Terry’s Tavern in Bay View last night was based on alleged misdemeanor probation violations which stemmed from Baumgartner’s refusal to turn over confidential health information to an Ohio Visiting Judge. Baumgartner asserts that the Visiting Judge “hates me and wanted access to my psych report in order to smear me. I refused to give it to him - and now this...”

“I asked the Bay View Police if they had a warrant.” Baumgartner said. “I don’t understand why these people don’t just summons me to court. They insist on arresting me and chasing me and incarcerating me. I’m a scientist for God’s sake! Just summons me to court!”

Since this writer was present during the confrontation, this writer asked Bay View Police Chief Helen Prozowski if the police officers were acting on an arrest warrant. She responded that the warrant was “good” and was retrieved through the police cruiser’s computer system.

Baumgartner asserts that she has been illegally arrested by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department because her arrest was enabled by sham legal process. She claims that the Bay View Police told her that the warrant dated back to a January 2004 order entered by Visiting Judge John Adkins shortly after Baumgartner was arrested at the Erie County Courthouse on January 4, 2004. The charges filed against Baumgartner for that incident were dropped in November of 2004, by the Sandusky Municipal Prosecutor. After attempting to file a motion to quash on the bench warrant, Visiting Judge John Adkins ordered that instead of filing the motion with the Ottawa Municipal Clerk’s office Adkins ordered that the motion to quash be instead filed with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department for “safe keeping.”

The alleged probation violation that caused Adkins to issue a bench warrant related to an incident in Erie County in January of 2004 wherein Baumgartner was immediately arrested upon entrance to the Erie County Courthouse in order to do legal research. Ohio Visiting Judge Donald Sweeney barred her from the courtroom during the “theft trial” of Sanduskian Krista Harris, and Erie County Sheriff’s Deputy referred to a judicial order filed by Visiting Judge Grey barring Baumgartner from the Erie County Courthouse in order to arrest her.

Baumgartner claims that all of this abuse dates back to her defense of Krista Harris after Harris swore out an affidavit claiming that she had been raped by the Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter. Baumgartner is taking her arrest with a grain of salt: “This is the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen. I thought prosecuting an attorney for standing up at a public meeting and representing her clients was absurd – but this? This is kidnapping by sham legal process in order to shut me up about how they’re fixing court cases in Erie and Ottawa County. My case couldn’t get any worse.”

Baumgartner claims that the Ohio State Highway Patrol was “surprised to hear that I was a Pharmacist.” “These people think I’m doing this for fun or something…I asked the officer, do you think I would do this unless something wasn’t terribly wrong? I was making over six figures a year? Why would I throw that all away?”

Baumgartner claims that the officer’s weapons were drawn as they arrested her without incident. “Look at how much tax money they’re wasting by going after me? They had over 5 cars going after me at one point!”

“I came to Huron County to get a hearing.” She claims to have told the officers. One officer answered back, “You’ll get a hearing in Ottawa County.” Baumgartner retorted, “Officer, this is the point. I’ve been incarcerated for 75 days in Ottawa County with no hearing. I came to Huron to get away from the people who are abusing me – and now you guys are taking me right back and delivering me to them.” The officer allegedly told her, “They can’t do that.” She reportedly answered, “tell that to [Ottawa County Prosecutor] Mark Mulligan.”

Baumgartner claims that the officer was surprised when she explained the pursuit was over an alleged probation violation on an underlying nonviolent misdemeanor conviction of ‘falsification’.

“If these guys doubt my story so much, how do they explain the fact that Mulligan stole an affidavit that I filed in my civil case that explained all of the legal abuse he’s put me through during the past 4 years?”

The affidavit can be viewed here.

Baumgartner’s story has been extensively covered by Erie Voices. Her chronology can be viewed here.

An interview is planned with Bay View Police Chief Helen Prozowski this weekend.


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State Highway Patrol Issues Media Release On Baumgartner Arrest
Saturday, May 21, 2005, 09:39 AM
State Highway Patrol Issues Media Release On Baumgartner Arrest
More Exclusive Coverage Coming From Erie Voices

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EV Editor Warned About “Harboring Elsebeth”
Saturday, May 21, 2005, 08:39 AM
Bay View Police Chief Warns:
“You May Be In Some Trouble Yourself, Bryan.”
EV Editor Warned About “Harboring Elsebeth”

During a follow up conversation after a successful apprehension of government critic Elsebeth Baumgartner, Bay View Police Chief Helen Prozowski warned this writer, “You may be in some trouble yourself Bryan.”

I had no idea why, so I asked her to clarify what I would be “charged” with.

Chief Prozowski explained: “You could be in trouble for harboring Elsebeth. I mean, you knew about the warrant.”

To that I answered: “So then her husband and daughters are in trouble too then, right? Because that means you’re saying that anyone who associates with her is in trouble.”

She corrected me: “No, that’s not what I’m saying.”

“They’re not gonna stop until you’re in custody Bryan!”

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Night Falls On Ottawa County Detention Facility
Saturday, May 21, 2005, 03:45 AM
Night Falls On Ottawa County Detention Facility
Ottawa County residents are much safer with Elsebeth Baumgartner in custody.

Pictures of a barely discernible Elsebeth Baumgartner in an upper window of the Ottawa County Detention Facility:

While I traveled to the Ottawa County Detention Facility to pick up a set of keys I was able to obtain this photo of Ottawa County's Most Wanted Government Critic Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner who was wanted for "failing to comply with a court order from Ottawa Municipal Court."

An Ottawa County corrections officer startled me by peering through the window – thereby ending my photo shoot.

After buzzing me in, I asked the same Corrections Officer how Else was doing. She answered, “She’s fine…as you could see through your photo shoot.”

I blushed scarlet red because I had been caught. (woops!)

Later the same CO couldn’t help herself: She smiled and laughed at one of my jokes about showing her sense of humor. (They try to act all tough and official, but they know how ridiculous this pissing match is getting.)

The CO’s delivered my keys and I left the building to get a couple more shots of Else waving at me and laughing.

I gave her a hand salute (normally I reserve that for actual marines – but this woman is a Marine as far as I’m concerned) and said farewell until visitation tomorrow.

Else Baumgartner FAQ's as of May 2005

Else Baumgartner Frequently Asked Questions:
Sunday, May 22, 2005, 02:54 PM
Why The Tyrannical Response From Erie Officials?
Else Baumgartner Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How did you hook up with this woman?

I met Dr. Baumgartner through the Internet last July after she read one my articles about former Erie County Judge Ann Maschari.

2. In a nutshell, what’s Baumgartner’s story?

Dr. Baumgartner blew the whistle on Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter after a woman who he allegedly raped (threatened her with criminal charges in order to have sex with her) sought Baumgartner out in Oak Harbor for representation. That woman’s name is Krista Harris. Ohio Senator Ben Espy encouraged Harris to contact Baumgartner because it was common knowledge that Baumgartner vigorously defended people’s rights. As soon as Baumgartner took a stand, Baxter had Baumgartner criminally charged for “falsification” when she stood up in her capacity as an attorney at law in a public meeting in Port Clinton and asked that the Port Clinton City Council not do business with Kevin Baxter’s company Island Express Boat Lines. Baumgartner eventually spent 231 days in jail for that “crime.” Despite the fact that political speech is absolutely protected by the first amendment, and Baumgartner had sworn affidavits in her hand of witnesses who claimed that they personally witnessed Kevin Baxter doing cocaine, she was still convicted of “knowingly making a false statement” about Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter. The long version of her story with supporting documentation can be found here.

3. What was the “probation violation” that she was just arrested for?

According to court records, the probation violation was when Baumgartner entered the Erie County Couthouse on January 4, 2002. She claims that she was there to do legal research in the clerk’s office but was arrested by two Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies on orders from Visiting Judges Lawrence Grey and Donald Joseph Sweeney. Both judges presided over the Krista Harris case and it appeared that both judges were trying to prevent Baumgartner from representing Harris. In other words, it appeared that the judges were attempting to railroad Harris, and the key to ensuring that outcome was to prevent Baumgartner from being near the situation.

Harris was eventually sentenced to five years on theft charges. The entire prosecution is alleged to have been vindictive in nature and turned into a criminal matter when it should’ve been handled in civil court. (Baxter could control the case if Harris was criminally charged)

More FAQ’s to come…

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Erie Voices Is The Story...
Sunday, May 22, 2005, 10:09 AM
This blog is a story of government tyranny unfolding in real time before your very eyes and ignored by the sleeping masses who are unable to think or question authority.

All the conditions are set:

1. Unquestioning media
2. Rank and file police officers who don't question authority
3. County Prosecutors and Judges willing to act in concert to preserve their power.
4. Complete disregard for civil rights.

Many who read this will not understand that their failure to protest will eventually lead to their own victimization.

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Sandusky Register May 21, 2005
Sunday, May 22, 2005, 09:58 AM

Former Oak Harbor lawyer hit with felony charge after chase

BAY VIEW - When police tried to serve a warrant in a Bay View parking lot Friday night, it led to a two-county chase involving three police agencies.

It was a phony warrant. Sham legal process.

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Port Clinton News Herald May 21, 2005
Sunday, May 22, 2005, 09:53 AM
EV Newspaper Article Fisking
Port Clinton News Herald May 21, 2005
Baumgartner captured

Staff writer
BAY VIEW -- Elsebeth Baumgartner was arrested Friday night after a high-speed chase involving four law enforcement agencies in two counties.

No offense LaRAYE, but “high speed” is pretty subjective. Baumgartner did not exceed the speed limit. I spoke with an officer who was on the scene and he claims that while “[Baumgartner] did not agree with what was happening, she drove the speed limit and was very “controlled” when driving through intersections.

Joe, Jackie and Else Baumgartner in May 2005. Elsebeth was the most “sought after woman in Ottawa County” prior to her Friday night incarceration.

Read the rest of the News Herald fisking

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Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton Loses Political Mind
Saturday, May 21, 2005, 11:27 PM
Do Properly Issued Warrants Mean Anything In Ottawa County?
Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton Loses Political Mind

"It doesn't matter if that was a good warrant or a bad warrant.”

--Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton after committing the resources of four law enforcement agencies in order to arrest Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner on alleged nonviolent misdemeanor probation violations. Bratton personally “expanded” the sham warrant without judicial authority with specific knowledge of improper court procedures regarding bench warrant.

Chief Prosowski-When Will You Stop Trading Sex for Favors with Female Inmates and Inquire Into Rights Violations

Back on May 22, 2005, BayView Police Chief and Sandusky Police Detective Helen Prosowski assured former Erie Voices Editor Bryan DuBois that if civil rights were violated in the Baumgartner case there would be an investigation.

Fast forward to June 1 2006 and a closed hearing in State v Baumgartner. During that closed hearing Elsebeth Baumgartner raised the issue on the record that Special prosecutor Dan Kasaris had been involved in giving a deal to former Erie County Commissioner Harold Butcher wherein he was able to plead to a misdemeanor of the first degree and receive thirty days house arrest for terrorizing a 14 year old black girl for sex back in 2001.

Baumgartner asserted that the Butcher case was yet another example of the protection of sex crimes by the politically connected and that this entire prosecution was retaliation for her exposing these crimes. Retired Visiting Judge Richard Knepper found Baumgartner in contempt of court for reporting the appearance of misconduct and jailed her for 45 days AFTER HE REFUSED TO CONDUCT THE MANDATORY SUPPRESSION HEARING INTO THE NATURE OF THE BAD WARRANT. (See Transcript posted at

Unbeknown to Baumgartner at the time, Prosowski was knee deep in protecting sex crimes by the connected including her own. Within three weeks, Prosowski would argue for probation for Sandusky Police Officer James Fitzpatrick who allegedly raped a 15 year old girl repeatedly including while hand cuffed in a Sandusky COPS location. Prosowksi along with drug task force side kick Det. Mark Volz under investigated the Fitzpatrick matter. Fitzpatrick also rated a special prosecutor (Dean Holman) and retired visiting judge (Ronald Bowman) both arranged by Judge Roger Binette (former drug task force prosecutor) who allowed Fitzpatrick to plead to a Bill of Information for four counts sexual misconduct with a minor and placed him on a Recognizance bond pending sentencing before discovering he had conflicts of interest in the case and excused himself. Retired Visiting Judge Bowman then gave Fitzpatrick 3 years in prison on each of 4 counts to be served together with the potential of early release (See Video posted at

Corrections Officers and family members confirm that Chief Helen Prosowski allegedly runs interference with Erie County Drug Task Force for her sometime lover Denise Baker. Prosowski is also allegedly involved in fabricating a case against Elizabeth Ohlemacher AKA Ambos yet another Kevin Baxter ex lover in order that her reports of his alleged involvement in corrupt activity would be discredited.

Investigate rights violations? Hardly. Below follows the story as published on on May 22, 2005.

"If the law was broken..."
Sunday, May 22, 2005, 10:40 P?M
Vindictive Prosecution?
Bay View Police Chief: “If the law was broken or rights were violated, that needs to be looked into”<
“We have to be able to rely on what we’re told.” Bay View Police Chief Helen Prosowski said late Sunday afternoon upon questioning the legitimacy of the bench warrant used to arrest government critic Elsebeth Baumgartner Friday night. Prososwski stressed that her department followed the law during the arrest of Baumgartner at Terry’s Tavern in Bay View.

As quoted in the Port Clinton News Herald, Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton claimed that “it doesn’t matter if that bench warrant was good or bad” because Baumgartner had caused “all sorts of new charges [against her when she fled]” Prosowski stated that Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton “must’ve been misquoted” when he made that statement. “I mean, we don’t go around serving bad warrants.”

Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton

Bratton was also quoted as saying, “";I'm glad we've got this woman…She's been thumbing her nose at the criminal justice system and it's time she goes to jail right where she belongs."

Baumgartner asserts that a bench warrant used to arrest her on was illegal because the charges were not sworn out as required by Ohio law and that the arrest in Erie County that triggered the bench warrant is moot because the misdemeanor charges filed in Sandusky Municipal Court have been dismissed. Records show that the charges were dismissed in November of 2004 by Sandusky Municipal Judge Erich O’Brien.

Ohio Visiting Judge John Adkins was assigned by Ohio Chief Justice Tom Moyer to hear Baumgartner’s “falsification” trial in 2002. The falsification charge stemmed from statements Baumgartner had made in her capacity as an attorney at law in a public meeting. Baumgartner asserted that Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter had raped her client and that he was in violation of ORC 2921.42 by owning 31% of a company that sought a public contract. Records show that Kevin Baxter owned 31% of Island Express Boat Lines.

Records show that Baumgartner has served 234 days in incarceration from charges that stem from her original misdemeanor conviction of falsification. “[Ohio Visiting Judge] Adkins has been stopping me from defending myself.” Baumgartner claimed. Court records show that Adkins denied Baumgartner the ability to file a “motion to quash” and ordered that the motion be “kept in safe keeping” at the Ottawa County Sheriff’s office.

The bench warrant used to arrest Baumgartner has not yet been obtained.

Phone calls to Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton were not returned.

Special prosecutor Tim Braun Imtimidates through Sham Process and False Statements on Internet

Braun To Act As Special Prosecutor?
Monday, May 23, 2005, 12:11 AM
EV Investigation
Braun To Act As Special Prosecutor?
Records Show Assistant Lucas County Prosecutor Obtained Dismissed Interstate Felony Warrant

“I’d say talk to legal counsel…I don’t know what else to say.” Said Lucas County Administrator Mike Beazley in response to a letter sent to his email address alleging misconduct within the Lucas County Prosecutor’s office.

“[Assistant prosecutors] are under the authority of an elected official. I have no authority over them.” Beazley said in reference to a defamatory comment left on Erie Voices about Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner. The Toledo Free Press mentioned the allegation in their May 11th edition but they did not mention the alleged writer of the comment. An EV investigation suggests that the comment was left by Assistant Lucas County Prosecutor Tim Braun.

Baumgartner was prosecuted by Assistant Lucas County Prosecutor Tim Braun after she spoke out against Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter when Baxter’s Company Island Express sought a public contract with the City of Port Clinton. An outspoken critic of Baxter, Baumgartner still asserts that the dockage contract was illegal and violated ORC 2921.42 because the Erie County Prosecutor owned more than 5% of Island Express Boat Lines. Records show that Baxter owned 31% of Island Express.

Baumgartner has become a staple on EV because of her hard hitting financial analyses of public contracts. Baumgartner describes herself as a federal grants expert. Records show that Baumgartner's employer had legal retainers with the University of Michigan and Ohio University's technology patent transfer department. “I was Ohio’s leading biotech patent transfer attorney before the Ohio judiciary got a hold of me.” Baumgartner said.

Baumgartner alleges that Lucas County Prosecutor Tim Braun was responsible for a “sham interstate felony escape warrant” that allowed Ottawa County officials the ability to apprehend her in Seabrook Texas. Baumgartner did not return to jail after a furlough in order to travel to Houston Texas. Baumgartner claims that she was in Texas to speak with FBI special Agent Ron Stern about prosecutorial misconduct in Ohio but was arrested before they could meet. Records show that Baumgartner was arrested on October 11, 2002. Court Transcripts show that Baumgartner explained to Texas Judge Sherman Ross that she was an Ohio lawyer who fled to Texas in order to talk to FBI Agents in order to obtain an inquiry into the Erie and Ottawa County Court system. Sherman explained that he would look into her claims and if he finds them to be true he would grant Baumgartner a bond. Records show that Ross released Baumgartner on a $10,000 unsecured bond 10 days later.

Court records show that Baumgartner surrendered to Ohio authorities on November 13, 2002. The felony escape charge brought against her by Assistant Lucas County Prosecutor Tim Braun was dismissed.

Braun claims that Baumgartner has “mental problems.”

“If Braun is still in charge of this case, I won’t be treated fairly.” Baumgartner stated from the Ottawa County Detention Facility.

Judge Hany Denied Hearing in May 2005 But Signs Search Warrant on House in February 2006

Ottawa Judge Frederick Hany Denies Hearing For Baumgartner
Monday, May 23, 2005, 01:30 PM

Ottawa Judge Frederick Hany Denies Hearing For Baumgartner
Elected Administrative Judge Defers Authority To Ohio Visiting Judge.
Baumgartner In Custody Over 72 Hours With No Hearing

“I’m really dismayed. I don’t understand why Ms. Baumgartner has been held for 72 hours without a hearing. She has the same rights as everyone else.” Franklin County Attorney John Vogel said Monday afternoon. Vogel claims to have contacted Ottawa County officials first thing Monday morning after hearing that Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner had been incarcerated after a vehicle pursuit on Friday night.

Baumgartner was allegedly “wanted” on nonviolent misdemeanor probation violations. Records show that the charges used to issue the bench warrant were dismissed in November of 2004. Records show that Adkins denied Baumgartner’s ability to file motions in her criminal case stating that Baumgartner has been declared a “vexatious litigator.”

Records show that Baumgartner has been incarcerated for a period of 235 days on charges that stemmed from a “falsification” conviction in 2002. “When does this end?” Baumgartner said from the Ottawa County Detention Facility.

According to the Port Clinton News Herald, Ottawa county Prosecutor Mark Mulligan is considering charges against this writer for “harboring a fugitive.” Baumgartner hired this writer to journalize her story on the Internet, but is now being threatened with criminal charges after associating with her.

Baumgartner was arrested on what she calls a “sham bench warrant” issued by Ohio Visiting Judge John Adkins of Circleville Ohio. Adkins has been quoted in the Port Clinton News Herald as calling Baumgartner “a purveyor of hate and cynicism.”

“I want to go home and spend time with my daughters and my husband. When is this judge going to leave me alone?” said Baumgartner.